Genre: Death
Country: Denmark
Label: Dark Descent Records
Year: 2020

Undergang return with a new album entitled “Aldrig I Livet” (Danish for “Never in my life”), following the 2017’s “Misantropogi”. The band from Denmark wasn’t silent all these years as they continued to release several split records a live album and two EP’s. The new album follows the same musical direction old school Death Metal with occasionally experimental touches as they have used to us, low tuned guitars, mid- tempo rhythm alternately with frenetic fast paced attack, guttural vocals, doomy  parts, straight-forward guitars, full of growls, pounding drumming, sludgy  passages, some old school thrash elements and razor sharp yet catchy riffs. The production is raw but for some reason it actually works fine to me. Excellent performance from the band’s frontman D.Torturdod while highlights of the album are: “Indtørret Lig” (“Dried Body”), “Ufrivillig Donation Af Vitale Organer” (“Involuntary Donation Of Vital Organs”), “Usømmelig Omgang Med Lig” (Danish for “Indecent Treatment Of Body”), “Aldrig I Livet” and “Rødt Dødt Kød” (Danish for  “Red Dead Meat”).