Genre: Death Metal
Country: Αγγλία
Label: Sevared Records
Year: 2016

Masters Unfathomable Ruination have returned after their album ‘Misshapen Congenital Entropy’ (2012), with yet another jewel entitled ‘Finitude’. For the record and in my humble opinion we must mention that this record consists of the right number of tracks, when we are speaking about this genre, nine tracks are enough to blow your mind.

A record that starts with gravity blastbeat is not only promising but fuckin awesome. The introductory song is Pestilential Affinity, with which these English dudes take you right to the point, technical brutal death metal well played with Doug in the drums giving recital, together with riffing guitars and Federico in the bass bonding everything uniquely (!). The result is to say the least impressive beyond any imagination. From whichever way you see this album , the only thing you get is a neck ache from the relenteless headbanging and the in your face riffs! Ben’s voice is robust and as much brutal as it should to get this album even further, at the right moment. Listenting thoroughly to ‘Finitude’ one can detect a bit of Origin, Suffocation, Deafetaed Sanity and in Neutralizer even a bit of Death. Maybe this bits consistute a tribute… Tracks as Pervasive Despoilment, which is the most in your face track of this record, is a perfect example of a Suffocation sound. Fuck yeah!

One thing is certain, one must listen to ‘Finitude’ many times carefully so that can understand what this record is worth. Listening to it at first, doesn’t leave you much choice, it explodes in your face and takes you to a pit alone, because these are Unfathomable Ruination, they have the perfect recipe and they do it. It is definitely oe of the best releases for 2016 and I only hope that there will be more like these in the future… we need it!

I’m not going to refer to ay songs in particular that I liked more than others as the album is a jewel as a whole. It’s like Galacticos of Real Madrid.

Check it and have fun with this awesome album undaunted.