Amazeroth, Poland, Death, Doom, 1994, 2016, Unleash The Fire

Genre: Death / Doom
Country: Poland
Label: Self – released
Year: 1994

Poland is widely known for its bizarre extreme metal scene, which grows and strengthens day by day. One of the hidden gems of early Poland’s Death / Doom scene is Amazeroth’s “Ten świat…”.

“Ten świat…” was released independently by the band in November 1994 on cassette. Even though it’s a demo release (it’s the band’s second demo, to be exact), many of the underground worshipers consider it a full length release. It was recorded in Cyber Esprit studio at Katowice, Poland in November 1994. The demo consists of six tracks in total, three on each side. It’s a manifestation of pure low – to – mid – tempo Doom, injected with the proper Death elements to keep it dark and eerie. The guitars are heavy as fuck, while the distinctive, clearly audible and totally suitable for the compositions bass guitar, adds a more heavy character to the tracks. Feels like dragging you into the abyss and you don’t even complain. The guitars build a solid structure on which each song is formed, balancing between melodic, slow, glum riffs and faster ones, just to add a pinch of variety and maintain your interest at high levels. All this is assisted by the simple – yet suitable and easy flowing drumming. The vocals are most of the times steady, without many ups and downs, yet they hold grave significance, as they create a darker feeling into the already gloomy atmosphere the band has created.

The demo’s artwork is striking and sticks with you, as a couple of kids pose in the foreground, while a huge smoky factory is faintly visible in the background. The blue colour is the dominant colour, making the artwork’s entity easily engraved in your mind.

As far as the production goes, it could have been better, though we’re talking about a 1994 Death / Doom release, so hold your horses people. It’s a decent release in the end of the day.

It’s a pity Amazeroth never released anything else after “Ten świat…”. The band kept doing shows until March 1996 and its last gig took place at the Caro music club in their home city. Should have kept recording. We’re still thirsty!

Don’t miss the chance, check them out you freaks!