Genre: Old School Death Metal
Country: Russia
Label: Cadaveric Dissolution Records
Year: 2016

Chaosbringer is a brand new Death Metal band that has sprung from Mother Russia’s filthiest extreme metal underground scene. All they’ve got is a single release on their discography, “Immersion in Darkness”; a three – track demo, which was released on June 3rd via Cadaveric Dissolution Records. What we’re dealing with here is a case of asphyxiating, excruciating (in a good way obviously) old school Death Metal with low tuning.

Chaosbringer is a quartet, consisted of Eugene on vocals and guitars, Igor on guitars as well, Zitz on bass and Leo on drum duties. Their deal, as I mentioned before, is delivering Old School Death Metal, which is actually a mixture of many things. On one hand one can easily distinguish the brutality and rawness of the West, found in bands like Autopsy, the British warlike feeling, found in Bolt Thrower and grim melodies of the North, found in bands like Dismember. Chaosbringer’s compositions vary from slow and painful to fast and aggressive. At all times there’s a lingering devious rowdyism waiting to attack at the most suitable moment.

Even though “Immersion in Darkness” has got three tracks, Chaosbringer has composed just the first two of them, as the third track is a cover on the track “Impale The Soul” originally performed by Nunslaughter and it’s dedicated to the memory of Jim Sadist (1971 – 2015).
I do realize that no safe assumptions can be drawn by just two tracks in a demo release, though “Immersion in Darkness” has proven to be a great appetizer for what’s to come. I bet those Russian bastards will keep us busy in the future; I see great potential in their material and an eagerness / devotion to the genre that’s truly promising. Contrary to other bands that make their first steps, Chaosbringer seem to have a strong character and having filtered their influences greatly, they present a fresh kind of Death metal that magnetizes your interest almost immediately. Their sound is kind of retro, nonetheless they are something else.

“Immersion in Darkness” was recorded during April 2016 at Creepy Lobster Studio and it was mixed and mastered by Lapsha.

Listen here: