Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Australia
Label: Independent
Year: 2016

It’s been quite a long time since I last recommended you a fully underground extreme metal band, so time is ripe for me to introduce to you Somnium Nox. Somnium Nox is a two – piece band coming from Australia and released their first effort “Apocrypha” last July. It’s a Single release, limited to 50 copies (CD format). What we have at hand is just one song, 16 minutes, that’s based on Atmospheric Black Metal structures, with a suicidal feeling attached to the composition. There’s a bit of a Post – Black aesthetic lingering in the air, plus a bit of Ambience in some parts of the song. The guitar work is what pops up. I was surprised to listen to that Blues passage in the 7th minute of the song I think. Blending Black Metal with Blues is actually magnificent. I really liked the manipulation of Ashahalasin’s vocals, varying in intensity, pitch, depth etc. “Apocrypha” was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Nocturnal (who also handles the guitar, bass, didgeridoo and drum programming for the band), while the field recording was captured at South West arm creek of the Royal National Park in Sydney.

Listen to “Apocrypha” here: