Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Napalm Records
Year: 2018

For those familiar with my reviews, it is known that I tend to be stricter when I am reviewing any of my favorite bands. The reason is because I have bigger expectations and demands from these bands, compared to all the others. Unleashed is one of those bands I have adored since my childhood.

Back in 2015, the Swedish death machine released their “Dawn of the Nine” album – also an album I had the opportunity to review (you can read it here). It was a good album, but not of the high Unleashed level, from a personal point of view.

Nowadays, the guys from Stockholm return with their new strike, “The Hunt For White Christ”. Following the steps of its predecessor, “The Hunt For White Christ”, delivers the classic death metal sound dealing lyrically with Viking traditions; this is the fourth album continuing the story line of the World of Odalheim and their Midgard warriors (a story authored by Johnny Hedlund himself) and thirteenth  album of their career so far.

In their new album, Unleashed, do what they know better, offering pure death metal mayhem. The band sounds more inspired and focused on the aim. The opening track “Lead us Into War” is fast and furious and preludes the metal tide that is about to follow from the very first riff. Good songs follows one after the other. I have to admit that “Gram” is one of the best songs of the year, “Terror Christ” has an amazing lead, “The City of Jorsala Must Fall” has a great refrain to sing along. Described as a hot-shot with its little length the self-titled track is also killer! As the album comes to its end, the listener is met with “Vidaurgelmthul”, a song with a great heavy metal riff; as Hedlund screams a classic “Ugh” (as the great Tom Warrior Fischer), we realize that this is another killer track! Last but not least, “By the Water Wall” is a slow and majestic hymn.

The sound production is better than in previous albums, but still a bit too polished for my ears. The music is so enjoyable though, so I should not complain. A good death metal album from a monumental band. Check it out!