Unsane, News,2017, Noise Rock,Alternative Tentacles Records, U.S.A.

Genre: Noise Rock/Hardcore
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Year: 2017

Unsane complete thirty years of activity and that only creates problems and responsibilities. Because for some reason, there are many excellent bands out there that were inspired, borrowed or stole the heritage of Unsane. Therefore, we are not in front of the paradox for the band to be more famous than ever. And it might be 23 years since we have had a change in their line-up, something that suggests very solid coherence and collaboration without a second thought, but 20 years have passed since their peak moment, always personally talking, which is Occupational Hazard of 1997. Yes, dubiously and with caution, since we haven’t come back to our senses to the total bummer that was Helmet, which is also very recent, we are listening to an album that despite having all that we hear often from the New Yorkers, it is appealing and can’t be labeled as cliché or repetitive. There is a strong pulse in every note, a dark atmosphere and a chaotic attitude that doesn’t jeopardize the album completely, hopefully. The passion of youth might be missing but experience and desire create an explosive combination that works perfectly to the ears of the listener. Of course, distortion dominates both in guitars and in the tight vocals. Not so schizophrenic anymore, but essentially drowning out any melody (maybe you’ll find a few, underlying melodies exist here and there but nothing more), they manage to create an attractive aural cacophony without having to shock us in order to draw our attentions. Raw anger at “Aberration”, “Lung” and “We’re Fucked”, four minutes of despair at “Factory” and “The Grind”, noise rock meets Cirith Ungol –like vocals at “A Slow Reaction” and the album’s highlight “No Reprieve”.