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Finnish folk/doom metallers Unshine are going to release their fourth full length album, entitled ‘Astrala’, on January 19th in Europe and February 9th in North America via Rockshots Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist below.

Track Listing:
1. Birch of Fornjot (1:35)
2. Kainun Kuningas (5:13)
3. Jack’s Feast (6:38)
4. The Masks of Enchantment (4:54)
5. Pan The One (4:44)
6. Druids Are A-Coming (4:11)
7. Slow Moving Creatures (5:19)
8. Visionary’s Last Breath (5:32)
9. Suo (Kantaa Ruumiit) (6:06)
10. The Forest (10:28)

The group presents the lyric video for the new song ‘Visionary’s Last Breath’. Watch it here: