Genre: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: Digital
Year: 2017

The Polish black metal scene has been steadily rising over the last decade and is deservedly considered as one of the best ones all over the world. Of course, all of this fast upgrowth is at the same time something good but also bad for several bands of this scene. Okay, bad, but why? Because the remarkable releases coming from this Central European country are… countless, so many bands are lost in this pile, although they deserve more attention and promotion.

USELESS is one of this cases, a group that in mid-2017 released their second full-length album, called ‘Departure’ and includes two twenty-minutes songs. The trio’s music style is quite depressive, but not like the boring and washy suicidal that has dominated over the last few years; on the other hand it steps in a more ambient path. Basically, the album consists of 5-6 (especially low-tempo) different riffs repeated… forever, so railroad and chaotic, since the drums are mainly slow and haunting and their outbursts are few. As for the vocals, these macabre screams behind the microphone, stink death and decay and in combination with all the above, an eerie, cold aura is spread around the listener.

The production is very bad if you are someone who likes the ‘well-polished’ situations, but it is ideal if you want your music to eruct tons of gunk and stench, while the artwork, though is not something special, ‘fits’ perfectly with the overall result.

‘Departure’ is an album that tried to become morbid and acrimonious, but it lost its way and evolved into something more frosty and sharp. In conclusion, it is an interesting release that will surely touch those who like the raw and monotonous black metal, in the footsteps of Judas Iscariot.