Genre: Death/Thrash metal
Origin: Poland
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2020

This is my favorite album for 2020 so far. For sure. I am starting my review this way just to salute the greatness of the new album of Vader. “Solitude In Madness” is a modern “Reign in Blood”: less than thirty minutes in length, with super-fast riffing and amazing catchy songs. Over 30 years, the killing machine called Vader keeps on working at full speed, offering us one great album after another. They’ve changed the recording studio they have worked in for their last five albums and moved to Grindstone Studios, in England, and it seems they made the right decision. An even greater production was the result. What Vader maybe had in mind when they composed and recorded the album should be a fast album in the vein of their masterpiece “Litany” (maybe their best album ever). Their 2019 E.P. “Thy Messenger” had prepared us for what we should be waiting for, and “Solitude in Madness” met our expectations. Ten songs of pure thrashing death metal (9 new songs and an excellent cover on “Dancing in the Slaughterhouse”, originally from Polish veteran thrashers Acid Brothers). Every song is a bullet, fast and lethal. “Despair” has one minute length, but is devastating, “Final Declaration” is also killing it, but for me the best songs in the album are the groovier sounding, like “Emptiness” and “Bones”, two really inspiring death metal hymns for raging mosh-pits. The guitars are sharp and offering their slayer-like riffs and solos without mercy, the drums and bass work like cannons, and Peter’s voice is awesome as always. Superb! And we should also mention that the album has a beautiful artwork by Wes Benscoter. Overall, we are talking about an album that really leads to headbanging, and for which you want to press the “repeat” button again and again. Vader keep the flag of death metal high, they make us proud, and we thank them for another masterpiece. Shock and Awe!