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Genre: Death/Thrash
Label: Nuclear Blast
Country: Poland
Year: 2017

On hearing the name Vader there are two possible reactions: someone with zero knowledge of metal music will think of Darth Vader from the Star Wars movie series while someone who is a metalhead will instantly think of the great Polish band with the same name. With Vader being around for 30 years any introductory references to who they are or what they play is completely unnecessary, if one is not familiar with them (highly unlikely but you never know) a simple google/youtube search is enough to initiate anyone to the Polish band’s sound.

The problem with big bands is, of course, that opinions about every new release usually differ. There is always a “catch” when writing new material, some fans expect (and want) something similar to previous releases while other fans want to see their favorite band evolve and add new elements to their sound/style.

And while I really like death and Vader are, without a doubt, a behemoth of the genre, this particular release was not interesting at all and that is far worse than a simply bad album. If that was the case (a bad release) we would be able to distinguish any positive and negative elements and it would be easier for the band to realise which parts were likeable by fans and which parts they should change and evolve. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Vader. Personally, I can’t pinpoint the things that I didn’t like because this album because it was disappointing and slightly boring (composition and production wise).

If it was another band or release we might call it promising despite its flaws. But for a band like Vader we cannot turn a blind eye as much more is required from them. Let’s hope their next album is better because Vader do deserve something better.