On October 18th, 2014 we experienced a historic concert in Thessaloniki because Varathron performed again live after nine years!!!

Without delay, the concert began with Hell Poemer (a band from Ioannina, Western Greece) and their well played black metal influenced mainly by the early Rotting Christ – Dimmu Borgir. They have good ideas, but generally they should work a little more on their stage presence. They finished their set with a cover on “Mourning Palace” winning the applause of the audience, which as time passed became larger. The live continued with The Psalm which are Nocturnal Vomit, who had to change their name for procedural reasons. Beyond that fact, however, nothing has changed in their music and how they approach old school death metal, which is based on the iconic “Leprosy” and the first albums of Asphyx. Flawless performance, while their songs I believe that is considered being classics now!

Third act was reunited Twilight, the oldest black metal band coming from Thessaloniki. They name their music majestic black and I do not think there is a more specific term to describe it. Very well rehearsed, playing mostly new, yet unreleased material, they left as closer song the anthem “Lycanthropic Cult” from their debut “And With Twilight They Return” which is available also on vinyl (as a reissue). They satisfied their friends and certainly won some more after that performance.

Eightball stage was now full and the crown was waiting for Varathron to be on stage. Shortly after midnight, we heard the introduction of “The Cult of the Dragon” and the band took its place on stage. What I saw from that moment on was something I did not expect, and couldn’t imagine too, as most people that were in Eightball that time…. In a great shape, with one classic after another on their setlist, Varathron seemed like a band that plays live shows every day and not a one that has nine years to perform live. Stefan was impressive on stage, few words and a lot of work.
I do not think anyone has left unsatisfied and judging by the reactions of the world during the concert but also from the comments Ι heard after it.