Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Austria
Label: Dying Victims Records
Year: 2022

It’s less than a month ago that I wrote a couple of words about Austria’s Venator debut release Paradiser. The 3 track Ep was a blast and a pleasant surprise for me as I didn’t knew them even though the band was formed in 2016. Now they release their first full length entitled Echoes From the Gutter, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats via Dying Victims Records. The LP shows a band full of energy that has found the right formula of sounding old school without being retro and so accurate in terms of song writing that looks like Venator are ready to conquer the world. All songs are anthems, with a plethora of great riffs, excellent hooks and a brilliant performance of all of their members and especially of their frontman Huemer which voice sounds so emotional and suitable with the 80’s inspired lyric themes. Venator have all the potential to stand tall side by side along with names like Tokyo Blade, Grim Reaper, OZ, Witch Cross, Heavy Load and even the monsters Judas Priest. Echoes From the Gutter is one small step for the Austrians that if they manage to keep the high quality and the low profile may turn into something really big. It may sound to you like a wish rather than an observation still I bet my money on their horse without hesitations. Melodic when needed and always dynamic Venator have the ability on creating impassionate and memorable songs. The guitar takes the lead when Johannes Huemer isn’t. The album is packed with plenty of great guitar riffs and blazing solos, while the instrumentation is unrelenting. The rhythm section is right in your face; the bass is very prominent and clearly audible, the drums pounding and the rhythmic guitars sound so harmonic and 80’s. Highlights of one of the most authentic, genuine rocker and highly anticipated from traditional metal fans worldwide album: “Streets Of Gold”, “Howl At The Rain”, “Nightrider”, “Red And Black” and “Manic Man”.