Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Nuclear Blast
Year: 2017

I need a great LP. I’ve had more than enough with good albums, well performed, having a “neat” ‘n’ “clean” production. NO! When I heard that the two thirds of the undisputed Kings of Hell (if you don’t know who they are then you should learn your Metal properly) ,will be joining forces with the “Demolition Man” (Atomkraft’s VOICE, bass player and overruling performer on the legendary “Prime Evil”) I was more than thrilled! I was hoping for an lp with steaming headbanging tunes, raging vocals, tsunami-like bass and a hell of a drum pounding. Well….the production is “neat’n’clean”. It’s pro sounding, everything is in proper order, sounding massive. The “downside” for me is that it sounds similar to other modern albums (production wise that is). The drums have that same “drum replacing” sound that most metal stuff has nowadays, “watering down” the beating somehow. I think it’s a shame as I find Master Abbadon’s performance great. The power trio is in excellent shape as far as the performing is concerned. Great leads, addictive melodies by Mantas giving the listener “space” to breathe from the dark, heavy riffing while The Demolition Mans vocal and bass performance is….well, demolishing.

Songs. Well, what we’re dealing with here is another good album, unfortunately. Not lame at any case. That would be impossible if we take into consideration the people involved. It really saddens me that I can’t call it “groundbreaking” or “great” either. Yes, there are some good tunes like “Ave Satanas” and “Preacher Man”(keeping up the tradition of good Venom slow stuff) but nowhere close to stuff like “Seven Gates Of Hell” or “The Chanting Of The Priests”.  “Time To Die” is another very good track, a fast one this time, that has a really interesting mid section, but I can’t call it “classic”. “Metal We Bleed” is also another fast paced tune with a “Painkiller” Priest era vibe to it. Cool track delivering another good lead. “War” has a very good verse vocal line and, yes, one more outstanding lead. Moving on, “Black’n’Roll” kicks off with a Motorhead “touch” (the classic distorted bass intro) and it simply kicks ass! Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. This is essential stuff! A must for every performance.  I find these tracks to be the “stand outs” compared to the other songs. Overall a good album that deserves to be checked out but that’s as far as it goes.