Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
Country: U.K.
Label: Spine Farm Records UK
Year: 2018

This is the, I’ve lost count, record of Venom. Actually it’s more «Cronos and co» rather than Venom. To those familiar with the band there are no surprises. What we deal with is the standard later Venom style with lots of dark heavy metal riffing, mid tempo groovy beats and speed/thrash outbursts. Hints of the early metallic rock ‘n roll aura can be found only on “We the loud” as the rest of the album is dark and metallically gloomy as the band crafted it on the late 90ies and forth. So, any good songs? Well, I’d bet my money on “They Mighty Have Fallen” (the fastest song of the album) and on “I, Dark Lord”. Both catchy songs that I think will be considered as “fire starters” in the future gigs. The title track has a cool chorus but somehow the verse just doesn’t “make it”. Overall an ok album I guess. We can’t expect Venom to slam us with the second “Welcome To Hell” or “Black Metal”, we, nevertheless, can hope for some cool stuff to enjoy. Well, “Storm The Gates” has its moments, give it a listen.