Genre:Heavy/Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Mighty Music
Year: 2018

The logical approach for any musician when forming a side project would be about what said musician wants to play and can not do with the main band. It’s a type of artistic liberation that the band’s fanbase may or may not find interesting. D.D. Verni, an important member from the thrasher band Overkill, formed The Bronx Casket Co. in 1998, so he could play gothic metal. It seems that this wasn’t enough and he introduced his new project this year, a project that is named after his own last name. Verni is the person behind the vocals on this project, something that he did before, in The Bronx Casket Co., followed by Ron Lipnicki (ex-Overkill) on drums and Andre Karkos on the guitar. What’s different in his new endeavor? A release with 10 tracks that are a combination of classic metal, rock and punk. Chris Harris is the name behind the production, something that means that everything sounds as it should. Verni’s vocals are kind of flat and the introduction of another, “normal” singer would take the composition to a different level. What’s interesting about this release is the number of guests in it and the way they add their own imprint on the final result. Jeff Loomis, Jeff Waters and Mike Orlando (among others) prove that Verni has been around for a long time. All in all, it is a pleasant release that, while it will be mostly appreciated by Verni’s fans, it can also win over some new listeners.