Genre: Thrash
Country: Greece
Label: Independent
Year: 2018

From the filthiest gutters of Thessaloniki, three young bastards emerged to spread panic towards all the posers in town. Vicious Knights, with loads of oldschool, retro-obsessive, monolithic sounds, released their first EP “Malevolent Spirits” just a month ago. Some of you reading this review might think I’m insane for proposing a strictly thrash record in 2018. I got news for you. The EP is good. It’s actually really good. Blessed by the early German Thrash scene and gathering every stereotype of the genre, like relentless drumming, screams from the fiery pits of hell and razorsharp, Tritze-llike maniacally played guitars, “Malevolent Spirits” is everything a Thrash Metal fan with a 47 kg bulletbelt and white cut t-shirt could wish for. Vicious Knights know their game, play passionately and have that special quality that makes you drop anything you do and pay close attention to their tracks. Listen carefully to “Emptiness (A Way of Life)”; it’s probably the EPs best track. I shouldn’t talk further about this more. It seems futile. Just order the album yourselves and you’ll get me. Full speed, full badassery. That’s what we live for.

The recordings, mixing and mastering of “Malevolent Spirits” took place at Revolver Studioin Thessaloniki. The album was released both digitally and physically by the band itself and it comes with a 8page booklet and a free sticker, so contact the band asap!