Genre: Crust/D-Beat/Hardcore
Country: Sweden
Label:Relapse Records
Year: 2019

It’s hard for me to keep it out of politics as I believe that everything you do in your life has to do with politics, even if you chose to be apolitical. So as we are living in a world that they that have the power to control it are trying to convince everyone that it’s useless to believe in ideologies, we ought to stand tall against their theories. In less than a month in Greece the elections will probably rise a “new” government that announced less taxes for the rich αnd for small business too, which we are constantly being told is the ‘economic engine’ of the nation. This theory isn’t something new and it is actually the main model of the neoliberals, still we have to swallow it as something unique, innovating and functional. And it is not only the last 40 years, as the so called “supply-side economics” model, known also as “trickle down” economics, exists for almost 120 years now, but had another name in the past. This model, largely credited with the 1896 panic, was called “Horse and Sparrow” economics, on the theory that if one feeds the horses enough oats, eventually there will be something left behind for the sparrows. I can understand why “job creators” love this model, because according to the plan they would keep more of their income.  Employees are paid, expenses are paid, suppliers are paid, before the business owner takes any money out of their activity so less taxes means more money for them, but this doesn’t mean that workers and employees will win something out of it. Neither that new jobs will be created too. Experience shows us that most businesses take these money that they save from tax credits to invest them on new projects in other countries with lesser salaries and even lesser taxes and flexible labor legislations. So eventually Horses may get bigger and fatter, but nothing showed over these years that also sparrows will benefit from that. Economy may improve its numbers, but in society rich will get richer and poor will become poorer. In fact (as it happened everywhere all these years) it’s the poor that will have to once again fund the government plans, while public health and education will be collapsed. My personal opinion is that middle class mostly benefits from the Keynesian economy, but both models lack on real life rather than on paper and in PowerPoint graphics. Victims is a band that writes music about real life. The everyday struggle and not about dragons and baby oiled or keyboard warriors. And real life has to do with the big problems as the eternal class war and also how to deal with everyday problems or the so called “little things”. “The Horse and Sparrow Theory” is Victims’ seventh studio album, and the Stockholm born worked with Karl Daniel Lidén, the producer/engineer that his signatures some fine albums of Bloodbath, Katatonia, and the almighty Craft. Musically speaking there’s a d-beat crust worshipping crescendo with melodic parts enriching the ferocity of their sound. We can’t detect many differences with their last effort three years ago as the band follows the same writing formula even though we can see a bit lesser riffs. The album is full of rage and it maybe not their finest moment, but still manage to incorporate 8 well written songs of pure aggressive crusty d-beat punk, with Motörhead-driven hardcore that overflows with searing solos and melodies of total despair. As Victims delivering to you, for almost 20 years…I guess for all you fans that raise the flag of hate for this society, the release of an album and generally speaking music is the way and sometimes just an excuse or better sayin’ your rage’s soundtrack.