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Greek folk/psychedelic stoner metallers Villagers Of Ioannina City are going to release their first live album, entitled ‘Through Space And Time (Alive In Athens 2020)’, set to be released on March 3 via Napalm Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist.


“Through Space And Time (Alive In Athens 2020)” tracklisting:


01. “Welcome” (live)
02. “Age Of Aquarius” (live)
03. “Part V” (live)
04. “Nova” (live)
05. “Perdikomata” (live)
06. “Skaros” (live)
07. “Dance Of Night” (live)
08. “Zvara” (live)


01. “Arrival” (live)
02. “Father Sun” (live)
03. “Millennium Blues” (live)
04. “Ti Kako” (live)
05. “Audience I” (live)
06. “Cosmic Soul” (live)
07. “For The Innocent” (live)
08. “Audience II” (live)
09. “Karakolia” (live)

The group presents the live video for the song ‘Zvara’: