After a few years of complete silence, those dark and dangerous hooligans from Athens, make their comeback by releasing their first, official full length album entitled “Life Sentence” in last March independently. The album was released in cassette format (50 pieces) and in digital form – can be found in the end of this text. With musicians coming from well known bands to me, some even are friends of mine, bands that have devoted themselves into making our metal great again, plus with a production by Made In Hell studios, Violent Definition in essence, justify their name, offering old school Thrash full of conscious awareness. And what do I mean by that. Neither do they redefine the genre we all love, neither they rediscover the wheel, nor do they rely on tricks and empty of content gimmicks to attract people. They do what they know to do best, without the need of your approval and acceptance my dear friend. The essence is here: razor-like guitars, hooligan-ish vocals, a lumberjack behind the drums and a clearly audible bassist. Simple, pure, punchy Thrash. Hit it.