Genre: Avant Garde Rock
Country: Norway
Label: Karisma Records
Year: 2016

This is the 4th album for Virus, five years after the release of “The Agent That Shapes the Desert”. A return that is marked by six dark and chaotic songs with paranoid structure, as the Norwegians continue their legacy on creating these kind of tracks, like they have already done on their previous albums. Czral has many potential, talents and a very reach bio –we met him on DHG, Ved Buens Ende and worked with Aura Noir to Cadaver- so we realize that we are dealing with a great personality. And actually we understand why Ved Buens Ende is here no more and how Virus are filling their gap by following the same artistic quest. Even though it is a hard to understand, for the average listener, album as it is rather complicated, still is catchy enough as the compositions stuck in your mind for days easily. Something that I noticed when I had the chance to meet the band is that I can see many elements and influences between Virus and Dodheimsgard. Personally speaking, I believe that there’s an interaction among these 2 great bands indeed. ‘Memento Collider’ is a perfect album. It is so eccentric that turns to be creative. And so shocking for the listener as a virus would shock his immunity system. Every time that I return and listen to it, I find myself fall in love with the album, every time! For many it may be a strange release, but guys we are dealing with a grande album, believe me!!!