Genre:Hardcore/Punk/Crossover/Rock ‘ N Roll
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Year: 2018

Southern Lord Recordings signs everything extreme out there that has top notch quality proving that genres are for fools and only the brave will survive in this digital world we ‘re living…or as the Dutch brilliant hardcore group Vitamin X says in its latest record in this ‘Age of Paranoia’. More 20 years now Vitamin X are one of the coolest band that come from the nether lands and their excellent mixture of punkish hardcore blended with traditional rock’ n roll riffs and solos and the thrash aura are here present once more to prove it. Studio album number five, first for the cult label following two magnificent discs, Full Scale Assault (2008) and About to Crack (2012), that were on Tankcrimes Records. Ripping guitars, strong lyrics (featuring modern life struggles or politics) and a frenetic rhythm that destroys everything that stands on its way. I want you to focus on the guitar soloing that is everywhere and placed so well (‘Rollercoaster Ride’ features a solo by Bubba Dupree from DC hardcore band Void and ‘Flip the Switch’ one from Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis) giving an extra dynamic and a feeling of connecting the 80’s hardcore punk excitement and modern Thrash/Crossover power with the bluesy/ rock ‘n roll dirty and filthy sound. All 25 minutes are a highlight…