Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country: International
Label: Season of Mist Records
Year: 2019

Vltimas is a super group created by Blasphemer (Aura Noir, ex-Mayhem) who is playing the guitars, Flo Mounier (Cryptospy, ex-Annihilator) behind the drum-kit and the great David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel) responsible for the bass and the vocals.  “Something Wicked Marched In” is their debut album full of high quality death metal.

Starting with David Vincent’s vocals, we should admit he is on fire! Excellent rendition  that reminds us of the glorious Morbid Angel’s days. But, the vocals are not the only reason why the great Floridian death metal legends come in mind. It’s also the music that Vltimas presents. Same could be described as a dark offspring of Morbid Angels death metal which is flirting with black metal. The riffs, sometimes, bring in mind Deathspell Omega or Ulcerate. All the nine songs of the album are of the highest quality standards and there is no filler included. “Total Destroy” is my favorite, as excellent work by Blasphemer in the guitars and by Mounier in the drums gets revealed. Finally, another advantage of the album is the very good production which is fresh and heavy without sounding fake.

Personally speaking this is better than the last, very good indeed, Morbid Angel’s album.  Nothing more to be said.