The album ‘Collapsing Generation Of Luciferian Legions’ was released in 2016 on tape format (200 copies) by Goatmarch Distro ( This compilation contains an unreleased album recorded during the period of 2003-2004 plus Bethor’s second demo-split stuff included.


1. Inception
2. The Hyacinthine Pillars Of Wisdom
3. Spawn Of Internal Fire
4. The Declaration Of Shiva
5. Infernal Diatribe
6. Abscission
7. Leviathan’s Pulse (The Piercing Serpent)
8. As Monolith’s Of Wrath
9. Black Tongue Of Damballa
10. Burning Hornes (The Feast Of Perversion)
11. Regie Satanas
12. The Penetrating Force Of Satan’s Venom
13. Deception

Lineup: Count Lethaemon (Guitars/Bass/Vocals) , Daimon Erect (Guitars/Bass)