Genre:Epic Heavy/Speed Metal
Label:Gates of Hell Records
Year: 2019

It’s rather usual to hear something that combines epic and heavy sound. It is also common to find heavy and speed metal blended. Skelator have tried to mix epic and speed that is something that not so many tried to mix, but they’ve done it properly and succesfully despite tha fact that epic is a bit slower than speed. They overcome this as they used classic heavy metal as the connecting link. “Cyber Metal” is their 5th full length studio and they were working on it for 5 years. They took their time and rejoined their forces and now their deliver 8 new compositions. Their riffs are classic heavy metal ones while the voacal lines have a tint of Agent Steel. The guitar riffs have this old school approaching, in the veins of N.W.O.B.H.M., and as the riffing is probably one of their finest ever, I think that this fact lifts the whole album. Looking on the song titles you can understand the sci-fi thematology something that they try for the first time in their lyrics.i liked that they have only 8 songs that last about 40 minutes long, something that makes much easier for the listener to enjoy the album in its entirety, in a era where the audience doesn’t have the time to pay attention 100% to so many albyms that out there waiting for you to buy them. Everyone listens to 1-2 tracks from every album and not focusing on entire albums. But not here! A nice album that is out via Gates of Hell Records, their debut album through this label.