Genre: Gindcore/ Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Profound Lore Music
Year: 2020

2020 is the year of grind(core)/ death metal! After the amazing Feastem’s new album, another band comes to make a breakthrough. Caustic Wound’s debut album called “Death Posture” is a diamond of pure brutality. With three members of Mortiferum, one of Magrudergrind and one of Cerebral Rot/Fetid, the prospects for some good, raw and violent stuff were more than promising. Yet the result is not just good, but supreme! A cocktail of old Napalm Death, ancient Carcass and Terrorizer (on the riffing), with short and fast songs that will fill your thirst for grind! The production is rough, and especially the vocals sound like a zombie rising through the mud. The guitars have a corrosive distorted sound as well. The atmosphere is sick, but addictive. From the most grinding tracks, like “Blast Casualty” to those that are based on more classic death metal forms, like “Visions of Torture,” the band keep the level of quality on high standards. For the old school grind fans this album is an amazing revival trip and for the new guys involved in the genre, this one will be a good lesson of how this music should be played. Furthermore, death metal/grind is extreme and raw music but if not played from the heart, the result sounds pathetic or fake, but not here.
“Death Posture” is a great reflection to the past glorious days. Thank you, Profound Lore, for this release.