Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Season of Mist
Year: 2017

Fifth album for the deathsters Cannabis Corpse, coming three years later than their last album. I doubt there are many death metal listeners not knowing the band, which is a side project from members of Municipal Waste and Black Dahlia Murder. The band’s basic characteristic is that their songs are humorous and named in variation of classic old death metal hymns; for example: “In Dank Purity” (Monstrosity – “In Dark Purity), “The 420th Crusade” (Bolt Thrower – “The 4rth Crusade”), “In Battle There is no Pot” (Bolt Thrower – “In Battle There is no Law”) and so on. Also, as you may have already figured out, the band’s name and music is dedicated to their love and adoration of marijuana. Personally speaking, I don’t find this concept neither clever or interesting; this is just my opinion/problem however, and not necessarily yours! If we want to focus just on the music, the Cannibal Corpse influence is obvious right from the first riff throughout. Sound production, riffs, vocals, everything. That would be OK if the result was anywhere near the legendary Florida masters, but that is not what is happening here. Although there are a few good riffs here and there, I cannot really find a good song, a highlight, something that would keep me interested. I listened to the whole album several times, but unfortunately it managed to bore me through all of them. In a year like 2017, where many good albums have been released from big names of the scene (Obituary, Immolation, Incantation) but also from the underground (Necrovorous, Desultory, Morfin, Soulrot, Maim), I can’t see how ‘Left Hand Pass” could stand out or make any difference.