Genre: Grindcore
Country: Finland
Label: Svart Records
Year: 2017

Six years have passed since the release of that crushing “Harsh Reality” record and the Finnish boys stroke back with ‘Step Down’; a strike that’s weak and not at all well-trained. The truth is that I was eagerly waiting for this record, since we’re talking about one of the most notable bands amidst the grindcore lot. Comparing this release to the previous one, one can realize that’s a level below, mostly because the mid-tempo parts that used to have a kick are now missing. Double vocals, just like we’re used to, though the low vocals are not so impressive anymore; they’re incredibly boring and one-dimensional. And that’s a pity, especially now that the years have passed. Surely, those who have no big expectations would like this album very much and will say that it’s one of the best grindcore albums ever. Listening to / reading bollocks of such range is quite an often thing these days. Seventeen tracks, fifteen minutes in total, same lineup, Svart Records’ roster. Cops on the cover. Same old. The album was released in vinyl, cd and cassette form and those who want to support the band can do it. The only reason why I will buy this is just the support to the band. We’ll always listen to ‘Harsh Reality’ and kick ass.