The struggle in searching for unpolished US metal is as epic as the battles bands like Warlord and Manilla Road wrote about, but a beacon has emerged in the form of Ceres. A cross country collaboration between Jesse Balgley and Leo Kabat, Ceres delivers the riffs and hooks rarely found in today’s sea of mediocre heavy metal. Tyrant’s Rise delivers nearly 19 minutes of true metal power that will surely stand the test of time. Ceres is unabashedly rooted in the old ways, paying respect to the bands that have conquered in the past, but if this demo is any indication, a new path will be made with the duo on the frontlines. Worshippers of Omen and Medieval Steel as also of Angel Sword, Blazon Rite, Eternal Champion and Visigoth take note!
Jesse Balgley: Rhythm guitar, bass, drums, lead guitar on “Blood Of The Warrior” and “Writs Of Blood” // Leo Kabat: Vocals, synth, lead guitar on “Remnants Of Battle”// Guest lead guitar on “Blood Of The Warrior” and “Writs Of Blood” by Ian Kilpatrick