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Greek black metal duo Bezeha came back with its sophomore album, entitled ‘Under The Aegean Sea’, earlier this year (March 2018). Mykonius (guitars, bass, programming) and Zagan (vocals, drums) are delivering a fine blend of Norwegian black metal. What we have here is a nostalgic trip back the roots of the second wave of Norwegian black metal. The noisy and raw production creates a magical atmosphere, that many bands would envy. The album contains eight songs (each one clocking over the four-minute mark) and an outro. The guitarwork is simple, more melodic compared to their debut, but truly addictive. The tempos vary from mid tempo to bursts of blastbeating. A minor flaw of the album is the unnatural sound of the drums, that may annoy some listeners. The lyrics about anti-christian and mythistorical themes are being delivered by croaking and growling. The outro, ‘Mykonian Carol’, is actually an instrumental track played on sampouna, a traditional music instrument of Cyclades. Bezeha are not here to surprise the world and they are not for sure the next big thing of the Greek black metal scene. Bezeha are here to pay homage to the roots of Norwegian black metal, they know it and they are doing it pretty well.


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