Year: 2019

We have been bragging about the Greek scene the last years, because we are competent in 3 basic sectors. Good bands in most, if not all genres, often and worthy releases in all of them and appearance of new bands every now and then to seal the above. In this review we are on the realm of the third one, since Voidnaut is a new band that will have soon its first release. The band’s members are known in the Greek scene and this might explain the professionalism of the result. Kostas Krikos, Kostas Tasakos, Kostas Alexakis and Stavros Venardo are joining forces and present Nadir which was recorded in Devasoundz Studios, produced and mixed by Fotis Bernardo. Fotis does also guest vocals in ‘Damage Done’, where we meet Bob Katsionis as well in a guest guitar solo. Those details make the difference, or in that case add the last touches in an already excellent result. If I had to describe Nadir with only one phrase, that would be ‘well done’. From all angles as well! Production, composition, playing. This album in itself is modern metal with references mostly to the other side of the Atlantic. If we had to speak names, we would mention first and foremost Disturbed, ‘Control’ could be easily not only their song, but their hit and secondly Pantera, for the groove and the vocals when they become more intense. A second element is its immediacy and no, it’s not easy to write such beautiful choruses with such meaningful and hooky melodies. In continuation, you can’t fail to recognize the dynamic playing, which in combination with the short durations of the songs gives such a compact result, easy to listen to and consistent in quality. The production is also modern and dynamic and the cover is impressive, while it doesn’t look like a metal one in the first place. Usually when we are talking about a first release the expectations are low, but here the band itself raises the bar from the beginning. I don’t know why they named their record Nadir, here we are talking about a clear zenith…