Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Canada
Label: Century Media Records
Year: 2018

Sometimes, if not always, the way you introduce yourself follows you everywhere, especially if that’s the way you establish your reputation and your entire work. Let’s take Donald Trump as an example who forced himself to the masses via his grotesque and shocking speech. After a certain point, neither actions, nor words cannot be a reason for a provocation or a shocking state – not that it is acceptable yet at all. Voivod, having always been open to new horizons during their career, have influenced many on the prog genre; despite of that, they fell in their own trap. Having already released 14 studio albums, they are unable to cause a shock and definitely ‘The Wake’ is not a breakthrough, especially since it keeps a close eye on the 80’s. However it keeps a static pattern and follows a tested formula, based on the high quality of its predecessors. There is a complex in its structure (‘The End Of Dormancy’, ‘Incospiracy’, ‘Event Horizon’, ‘Always Moving’) that takes away every simple element (not in Obsolete Beings, and Orb Confusion), songs that probably are more simple indeed for the average listener. Maybe the length of the tracks and the distorted guitars are those that mess up the final result. The powerful and clean production and the solos that match perfectly the band’s progressive vision are a bonus. It’s a more composite mix of 2013’s ‘Target Earth’ (has it been  5 years already??), ‘Dimension Hatross’ and ‘Nothingface’.