Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Gates of Hell Records
Year: 2019

Nearby Italy at times surprises us positively with quality metal, especially in more melodic patterns. The recent years, a dynamic heavy metal act exists in the country’s underground, who finally managed to present their first full work that we hope will reach more ears. The word is about Vultures Vengeance. They formed in Rome in 2009 and after a demo and two EP releases, we reach 2019 and the coming out of the full length “The Knightlore”. Whoever listens to them will listen to another work towards their favorite direction. For the rest, let’s say that The Knightlore has a full 80’s aesthetic. The songwriting, production, thematology, everything goes along with the favored decade. The metal of these Italians is full of an epic sound so listening to it, it will bring Omen, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and other heroes, in mind. The vocals remind of David DeFeis from Virgin Steele, more in the style than the texture. The riffing is the best part of the album as its dynamics and speed elements, have a Mercyful Fate aura, when emphasis is not put on melody. Since we are done with the references, we can say that the record is well worked in detail, with the band trying to leave its personal stigma. Compositions like Dead Men and Blind Fates can be considered ambitious at least, giving a variety to their sound. A powerful debut that will turn some attention to them.