Genre:  Progressive/Heavy Metal/U.S. Power
Country: England
Label: Howling Invocations
Year 2016

Going to the Post Office to receive a new package of vinyls and CDs each day, shipped by any unthinkable label or from an unimaginable place of the Earth or sent by a small or big band, means that you should be prepared for everything. From Tool’s latest release (for which I couldn’t care less) to the 3 way split released by porno-grind bands of Malaysia. However, Vulturic Eye managed to surprise me (in a positive way). You don’t expect from a British band a release that reeks of early Fates Warning or Heir Apparent spirit.

So, this is the debut EP of Vulturic Eye, including just three compositions, with a total runtime of 19 minutes. When I saw the album’s cover I instantly thought of the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, to be frank. Even though the term “progressive” has been confused with the term “technical” and the progressive concept has now been linked with bands like Porcupine Tree or Mastodon, for me Theater and King Crimson will always answer in this lemma. Vulture Eye have elements from the latter, in structure or better on the complexity of the structures in their songs. Of course the sound of the British claims no originality laurels but is inspired and celebrates the legendary band Manilla Road, as well as, the aforementioned early Fates Warning, Heir Apparent and Queensryche before 1988 …

The guitars are tuned in such a way to sound as close to ‘Crystal Logic’ as possible, while the vocals are plucked from the most golden pages written in the catacombs of American heavy metal of the ’80s. It’s an EP that travels your mind to unknown lands, with an intense epic element and lyricism. It’s not for the masses. Addressed to and will only be appreciated by few. Those who adore the obscure sound and the equivalent cult (or cvlt?) releases, grab it! The only imperfection (if you have to find something) lies upon the misleading artwork.