Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Peru
Label: Blood & Iron Records/ Lost Realm Records
Year: 2016

Wakas is a metal band from northern Peru, where there is the country’s biggest metal scene and more specifically in the harbour of Chimbote. And even though globalisation nowadays makes everything seem so close and not at all remote, it still impresses me that I get to listen to a band from this far away land. We are talking about a country 10 times bigger than Greece that has three times its population. But all these complexes have been left behind by the metal community and remind us of other times when some reporters from the U.S.A. were asking Sepultura “how is life in the jungle?” and other stuff like this. Back to Wakas, their name means Incas gods. They were formed in 2015 from Raul Alvarez, guitarist and soon David Mendez, also guitars, followed him. With the addition of Giorgio Gutierrez in the drums, Jorge Mandragora in the bass and Carlo Contreras in vocals, the line up was completed. The lyrics are talking about the Incas mythology, telling tales of men and gods and myths of their civilization by describing the battles, the sacrifices, their gods… The first song entitled “Imperial Banner (Suntur Paucar)” is talking about the coat of arms of the Incas’ army. It is a tribute to the primitiveness and the power of this ancient people that symbolizes its emblem that their enemies feared because it would mean their defeat and consequent death.

Next song, “The Hidden Power of Mayta Capac (El Poder Oculto de Mayta Capac)” is talking about Mayta Capac, the fourth king of Cusco Curacazgo (the state that was formed in the 13th century in Peru), whose myth/legend is telling us that the great-grandfather gave him a bird that was like a hawk, indi, or inti was its name, which was something like a mediator of the great White God of Incas, who was responsible for the disclosure of great secrets and prophecies. The third song, “Sacrificios Incaicos” is talking about human sacrifices and more specifically the “Capacocha” ceremony. During this barbaric ceremony mostly kids were sacrificed to appease the Gods either because of a certain disaster or war, and for that reason many children’s souls were slaughtered. The last song ”Muerte En La Horca (Death in the Gallows)” has an interesting story since the lyrics are referring to the dramatic end of the last emperor of the Incas’ dynasty, Atahualpa, who managed to lose his empire of 80.000 soldiers from 200 conquistadores led by Franscisco Pizzaro. Wakas’ sound is a mixture from different influences, even though its basis is American heavy metal in the veins of Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol. The production is raw and deliberately not polished. It reminds obscure old school released of the ‘80s straight out of U.S. Metal catacombs and is a very interesting suggestion, musically and lyrically. The cd version of “El Secreto De Los Dioses” essentially is a 12 inch entitled “Metal de los Dioses” that was released in February 2016 from Blood and Iron Records and Lost Realm Records with a different cover.

Collectors should hurry up on that one.