Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: No Remorse Records
Year: 2021

Hailing from Norrköping, Sweden, WANTON ATTACK is a new heavy metal band consisting of Micael Zetterberg (vocals, drums) and Niklas Holm (guitars, bass). The group was formed back in 2019 and this is their debut -same titled- album.

They deliver a very special type of obscure yet powerful Heavy Metal, managing to create a very special atmosphere through the overall material of their debut release.

I would definitely consider early MERCYFUL FATE as their main influence -due to the most of the riffs that carrie this special Mercyful technique and of course due to the vocal melodies-, however I should add some more stuff that definitely have influenced those newcomers. For example the overall Swedish Heavy Metal movement of the early-mid 80s and especially its darker shade -I could refer to the band FAITH and their “Hymn to a Sinner” 7″ as a first example. The demos of the band WITCH can be a second one). I can also discover a little bit of OSTROGOTH touch into their overall musical vibe, mainly thanks to this very specific balancing on some of their riffing, between classic heavy metal and more pounding, epic metal forms, something that was a strong characteristic in the music of the Belgian pioneers. Speaking about influences it would not be right not to refer the total CELTIC FROST-ish vocal -and riff- approaching on the second part of the “Demonic Forces Prevail” verse.

I sure enjoyed the acoustic interludes and of course the keyboard parts that can be found in some of the tracks of the release. This lo-fi, soundtrack-wise approaching on the keyboard parts adds to the overall atmosphere on the record, I hope that in the future they will use such elements in more songs.

So to cut a long story sort, if you are in for some well composed and performed Arcane Metal, this one is for you. Gaze into your “Crystal Ball” and you shall hear the “His Master’s Voice” cause the “Demonic Forces Prevail” (my three favorite tracks from the album).