Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Eat Metal Records
Year: 2015

In the art of music, there are artists that before resorting to the ideal expression of their musical inspirations, they write, delete, correct, amend, frantically trying to arrange the notes so as to put in order their raw, initial, ideas. Such concerns had Beethoven, for example. One the other side of the coin, there are artists that in the process of creation, they do not need to put things in order, to plan, collect, add or remove, not anxious at all without the need to fill their minds with excess thoughts… They just effortlessly let inspiration to go through their soul, guitar, bass, drums, voice and to translate into music creation. Mozart did this while playing with the notes. I have the feeling that WARDANCE as well belong to the artists the music flows arbitrarily within.

Anyway, whatever group you belong to, the result is the same unique, equally wonderful, because it is musicians who have the gift of creation. The “Wrath for the Ages” has that the epic style and the magical atmosphere that we meet in MANOWAR and WARLORD. I think it is a genuine work of art.

The lead guitarist seems to guide, throughout the course of the album, with great mastery his teammates and drags them to the beat without bail, enabling us to see the artistic nature and personality of each musician individually. The charismatic voice of Lefteris Pletsis (reminiscent of James Rivera of Helstar and Eric Adams of Manowar), definitely gives greater gravity in the band, which seems to be moving in epic power paths. WARDANCE’s style enchants the listener. We need no more analysis, because the music is not explained with words, but only with feelings, which is purely personal and subjective. ARDANCE have the ability to convey various emotions with their wonderful music and that is enough.

The most exceptional moments of the disc: “Recall”, “Achilles’ war dance”, “Wrath for the Ages”, “The Thunder Inside Me”, “War of Titans”… well, it’s the whole disk!

I would love to see them in concert.