War Device,Reviews,Greece,Thrash Metal,Soman Records,2017

Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Soman Records
Year: 2017

Greek thrash metallers War Device, are sending us to…Infinite Chaos, with their latest release! Four years after “Whisper of Souls”, they’re making a vigorous return, that makes 2017 seem more exciting.

Old-school, fast and loud Thrash metal with good production and a very professional approach -for a Greek band that only made their first steps in 2013 (with “The Anger” EP)- a very upright and honest release, that will satisfy any metal-head, regardless of sub-genres and/or preferences.

Obviously, there is a plethora of bands that are playing the same style of music, but War device can easily stand out from them, since “Infinite Chaos” contains well-developed and thought out compositions, it’s not boring nor tiring, the band members are doing way more than serving their “musical purpose”, with the fast and well played riffs and melodies, while the drums and the bass are perfectly framing the compositions. Their front man is a big plus, since his rough vocals, not only match the sound perfectly,  but are also showcasing the music, in the best way possible, while at the same time, his accent is such, that doesn’t make you say “Greek dude!” and that’s  something I personally prefer.

“Infinite Chaos” only lasts a bit less than 35 minutes which is the only negative thing I could find to say, I want more! In an album that doesn’t sag is hard to pick favorite tracks, but I could say that my personal highlights would be the kickass second track “Taken By Fear”, the solo on “Silent Pain” and the amazing instrumental song “Another Reality”, which is also the closing of the album.

The following statement may not actually fit an album review but I can’t help myself and I kind of feel the need to bring it up (because, as Greeks say, repetition is the mother of learning), Greek thrash metallers War Device are excellent on their live shows, they’re rendering all dem feels of the album, while on stage.