Genre: Avant – Garde Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Rock’N’Growl Records
Year: 2017

PARANOIA. In a good manner of course (oh yes, there is such thing). I don’t think there are better words to express my feelings on this addictive release. Is it metal? Is it rock? Is it prog? The label describes it as Theatrical Avant Garde Rock. Nothing like all those mentioned, simple, light, good music. It doesn’t go out to narrow-minded people and those who like to put the “sub-genre” labels to music they have chosen to “serve” in order to make them feel secure in their narrow-mindness (wait, that’s too cultural and edgy). It just goes out to all those who love to rock some good and brilliant orhestral music. Fortunately, us metalheads, have a lot of those in our tribe. Get ready for some accordeon, harsh vocals, rocking guitars, power vocals, dreamy melodies, everything. No, it’s not a mess. No it isn’t prog. Everything is put in the right way, in a way that makes good sense, with a theatrical image-cover (which to me is a plus because helps in getting to “see” their music). I consider this as the ultimate soundtrack for my perfectly paranoid summer. I don’t know how or if this journey will change me, I don’t wanna know, I wanna enjoy. No, I don’t have favorite tracks, just because you have to listen to it carefully, in a row and enjoy its story (Toybox and the self titled, Art Of Manipulation are great songs however so not identical). Just like how Adrenochromania starts, “…step into my world..”, get ready for a trip to paranoia. Get ready to dive into colorful melodies. Don’t be afraid, you will be rewarded for such bravery.