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Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Triple B Records
Year: 2022

Wooow! Now that’s why we call really fast really awesome Hardcore! Warfare is back four years after their debut, with their new LP entitled “Doomsday”. The East Coast / West Coast band of Triple B owner and frontman Sam Yarmuth that also features Justice Tripp (Trapped Under Ice/Angel Du$t) and members from Blazing Eye, Fury, Glory, Kommand, Trash Talk, and more. The album also features some special guests as in “Drop Squad” (featuring Brody King), “BBB Outro” (featuring Connor Jones, Derrick Brandon, Ian Logan) and one of this year’s highlight “Legends Never Die” (featuring Chris Ulsh from Power Trip). Eighteen minutes of blast, unstoppable riffs, breakdowns that create an amalgam of raw and dirty sound, ten essential compositions that stick to your mind and makes you want to break everything around you. A triumph indeed! These 10 song LP’s are housed in a 400gsm gatefold jacket, 200gsm printed inner sleeve. Original cover art by jstmonkeyman, inside gatefold layout by Brandon Stepp (Unified Right). Recorded by Colin Knight at Paradise Records & Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.