Genre: Total Heavy/Punk Armageddon Metal
Country: England
Label: Neat Records
Year: 1985

A blueprint! A fuckin’ blueprint! Nothing more, nothing less. If you hear the “term” Punk/Metal and you want to refer to the roots then this is it! If you think that a thunderbolt frying your ass is catastrophic then you haven’t  heard of this LP. Produced by Lemmy and Guy Bidmead ,unleashed by “Neat” records ,the label that put out N.W.O.B.H.M.’s top noisemakers (“Welcome To Hell” ,”Rock Until You Drop” among others) “Metal Anarchy” combines Heavy Metal’s edgy/heavy sound ,a perfect mix of Punk and Heavy Metal riffs, all delivered at Punk frantic speed! The band’s  trademark is Evo’s (drummer/singer) grinding vocals. Imagine a dog that’s not been fed for days while fuming from the mouth. Vile, raw, vicious and hideous are some words coming to mind once listening to the man’s voice! The sound RIPS IT UP! No drum replacement, no fuckin’ autotuning, no god damned quantizing , JUST PURE MAYHEM! Classy – trassy yet cool sounding!  Songs? We’re talking about an lp that stains you with perfection! Electric Mayhem, Metal Anarchy, Death Vigillance, Living For The Last Days, Military Shadow, Psycho Express….i’m stopping right here because the whole damn album is just sheer headbanging delight! Definitely not for the politically correct or the faint hearted, this lp stands for pure insult.  To all you young folks out there: don’t miss this one! If you love “Children of Technology” , “Blizzard” or “Bunker 66” then what about discovering the roots of it all? This is NOT an lp of just “archeological” importance. Money is short to spend on antiques. This is a fuckin’ headbasher, this IS the lp that will make your parents wonder of your mental stability!