Genre: Heavy Metal/Speed/N.W.O.B.H.M.
Country: U.K.
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2017

I’m having a hard time reviewing this. Evo, as a persona is what i call “iconic”. Iconic to me, that is. This man has a major influence on me as a “musician”, and as a headbanger. Warfare’s music is a good reason for some screaming, yelling, breaking laws, jaws, speed limits and having some ten drinks more than needed. The man’s voice is in great shape retaining all that irony, spunk and cynicism he had back in the day. Here in are some great guests such as Lips from the mighty Anvil (really love that “fuck Blackmore and Van Halen” quote) and Fast Eddie Clarke (no introduction needed here). Music wise the album offers some great stuff as “Cemetery dirt”, “Misanthropy” and “Black”. The closing “Stardust” is a rather unusual offer ,taking into consideration Evo’s tradition in pure filth, but what a great song it is with a good bluesy like lead. Massive drums, distorted bass, tight performance, all delivered in the unpolished, raw and uncompromised punk/metal fashion. Not a bad release at all. Crank up “Misanthropy” and be really unpleasant to all the nwotm hipsters.