Genre: Grindcore
Country: France
Label: EveryDayHate
Year: 2014


Things here are very simple. Warfuck after their debut “The Wear and the Wicked”, which received very good reviews, prepared 15 songs and offer them through their second album “Neantification”, since friends of the subgenre kind of waited eagerly to hear new material from the french band. And I’m sure that the final result satisfied them. As it has satisfied me. There is a major evolution in composition; the songs seem more worked, bringing in mind my favorite Nasum in moments.

Once again, drummer MAK’s playing is impressive. Let me remind you (or inform you) that the band consists of two people, voice/guitar and drums/voice. As you understand there is no bass. The vocals alternate from screaming to brutal, giving more variety with very interesting riffing and eliminating any suspicion of fatigue during the hearing.

They have already come twice for concerts in our country; those who have seen them know what to expect from Warfuck, the rest next time make sure you will be there to see them.