Genre: Post Punk
Country: U.K.
Label: The Leaf Label
Year: 2018

Post-Punks Warmduscher return with their second album entitled ‘Whale City’. Almost 5 years after the weird enough to be unclassified and uncategorized Khaki Tears, the fοllow up has all the elements that makes it a bit friendlier to outsiders (still open-minded listeners), but certainly continues this never ending mixture of genres and sounds. Wisely short length (less than half an hour) it blends brilliantly funk, garage, post-punk, surf rock, pop, sleaze, blues rock, rock ‘n roll, glam and disco. Not bad, ha? Maybe for fans of modern rock and the connection with the Fat White Family makes Warmduscher a kind of a super group but to me all I take from the album is a low budget underground artists’ vibe that makes the final result probably closer to my principals and even amiable. ‘Whale City’ is definitely not -at all- an extreme release, but it is quite enough peculiar for anyone searching something out of the box and of a different hue. An excellent choice for weirdos and fans of Gorillaz (with better lyrics), Krautrock, MC5 (less rock n roll though), Beastie Boys and everything alternative and twisted in between. Highlights: the opener “Standing on the Corner” which begins with a story of a man held at gunpoint, “Whale City”, “1000 Whispers”, “Big Wilma” and “I Got Friends”.