Genre: Black / Crust
Country: Germany
Label: Yehanola Tapes / Bharal Tapes
Year: 2017

I remember the days when the algorithm used by youtube for recommending music was the worst thing that ever existed. While listening to black metal it would recommend the newest trendy pop music shit or something similar to that, but nothing even remotely metal-ish. Good news is that something has changed. Either my computer has developed conscience and has similar music taster with me (I know, wishful thinking but I can only hope, right?) or that algorithm now works as intended, thus making me the lucky listener of “Sein” by Welk.

If I had to characterize “Sein” with just a phrase it would be “24 minutes of oppressive darkness with the necessary violent parts”. Of course, there is more than that to this great release and a more analytical approach is necessary.Let’s start with the album’s production which is extremely good. Could be because they are from Germany, a country with a really good and active black/crust scene (let’s not forget that Ancst, one of my favorite groups, are from Germany). To be honest I don’t really care about the reason when the sound is so good. As clear as it should be, with different organs coexisting harmoniously, without having one organ above others. The guitar riffs are, at points, more black than crust (like at the beginning of “Urne”) but the Germans don’t stay there but add some post black elements in their darker moments. Drums on the other hand are closer to crust/hc patterns but still manage to fit in a brilliant way. Vocals are closer to those forms than black, though it is a matter of which song/point in song we are talking about because to be frank they go beyond a specific genre with each song, sometimes they smash the genre barriers in the same song too. “Sonne”, as an example, starts with darker crust forms but later in the song, near the end it becomes more black than crust. On the other hand, “Ruhe” is different and is one of the reasons I mentioned the post black genre earlier. Slow, depressive and dark, it seems more post black than black/crust.That doesn’t mean that Welk’s songs in this album are incoherent or feel random. On the contrary that diversity between their songs is the epitome of what Welk sound (hint: they sound fucking great!).

All in all “Sein” is a great album for its genre. True, the band doesn’t do something that is completely newor innovative but what they do they do in a great way, without copying older or more famous bands. A strongly recommended album, especially if you are fans of the black/crust genre.