Genre: Metal Punk / Blackened Thrash
Country: Brazil – Australia
Label: Heavy Forces Records
Year: 2015

Two of the most aspiring fresh bands in extreme sound have found the way and released a split record for our ears’ pleasure only. This split is a synergy between two countries which have a vast background of extreme sound bands. Three tracks of each band compose a record full of evil spells and raw power attacks, signature by each band’s distinctive sound.

On one hand, we have the almighty Bastardizer, a band that is actually fresh, in terms of being active since 2013. Nonetheless, the band is hugely promising. Bastardizer has already released a demo in 2013, entitled “Demo(n)s Unleashed” and an outstanding full length album, entitled “Enforcers of Evil”; an excellent blackened thrash album. Now it’s time for their first split release. Three powerful tracks, full of energy and aggression, which summon evil spirits through their primitive, riffing tornado, that once you’re caught in, you’ll never get out. The way the tracks are composed is mood imposing, making you wanna grab a six-pack of beers and smash everything around you. You’ll catch yourself “dancing” to their rhythms. Fyi, one of the tracks is a cover of “Sacrifice”, originally performed by Bathory.

On the other side of the coin, it’s time for Whipstriker to tear us to the ground. Active since 2008, Whipstriker has already released two full length albums and 14 split records (among other releases), along with bands, such as Power From Hell, Germ Bomb, Skull & Bullets, Iron Fist, Atomic Roar and many others. Comparing them with other bands of the genre, Whipstriker stands clearly out of the pack. The band falls into the heavy / speed metal category, which flows through the veins of Motorhead, Venom (especially in vocals) and Tank. Same thing applies here; badass rock ‘n’ roll attitude, enriched with evil lyrics and guitars that cut you like a razor. Serving the genre they love, Whipstriker deliver three tracks that reek of old-school tunes, but can be easily heard in 2015. The combination between South American vocals, speed / punk fast guitaring and thrashy drumming, is exceptional and in a way haunting.

A digital version of this split was released independently by the bands during March, while a cassette version was released via Hellforced Records a little bit later. A CD format was released a month later by Hells Vomit Productions and finally a 10” vinyl was released in June by Dying Victims Productions. If you can, purchase it and you won’t regret it. Pure gem.