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Brazilian heavy/speed metallers Whipstriker are going to release their fourth full length album, entitled ‘Merciless Artillery’ on March 9 via Hells Headbangers. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist below.


1. Merciless Artillery
2. Rape of Freedom
3. Calm After Destruction
4. Mantas´Black Mass
5. Soldier of Sodom
6. Warspell
7. Enemies Leather
8. Bestial Hurricane

Explains mainman Whipstriker: ‘Merciless Artillery was the first time I didn’t play guitars. Hugo Golon played drums and all the six strings, including the solos. Hugo is an old friend of mine, and we already worked together in our other bands Diabolic Force, Atomic Roar, Farscape, Apokalyptic Raids, and Virgin’s Vomit; me and Hugo also played together on Toxic Holocaust’s Brazilian tour, 12 years ago. So, I invited the guys I like to create a good team in all aspects – artwork, production, mixing and mastering – and Hells Headbangers comes to complete this team!’

Listen to the first track of the album here: