Genre: Power Metal
Country: Italy
Label: Dragonheart Records
Year: 2017

After five years of absence, Italian band White Skull are sharpening their swords, shoeing their horses and marching to battle with their new album “Will of The Strong”. To set things straight, White Skull have been around since 1988, their debut album “I won’t burn alone” was released in 1995, prior to that they had released 2 demos. Will of The Strong is their 10th release.

For about one hour, which is the total length of the 12 tracks of the album, we’re getting hit by quaint, fast and pure Power Metal tunes with female vocals. With an intro such as “Endless Rage”, we would expect the album to be truly epic. It may sound like a perfect omen for “battle” down the line, unfortunately it’s not going to happen. Nothing impressive really, not complete garbage either. Guitaring full of riffs, massive keyboarding and lengthy choruses, I’ll give them that. Federica De Boni’s voice strays from the typical of today-played European Power Metal, she sounds more like a bad imitation of Leather Leone and Doro. Nice try, with way too many imperfections though, especially considering her many years in the band. Her “graze” goes on and off all the time and at times you feel like it scratches your ear drum. Production however is crystal clear, exactly as it should be. Tracks do not differ much from one another; the only exceptions would be “Lady of The Strong” and “Grace O’ Malley”, that can actually stuck in your mind for more than 3 minutes.

Having heard the first two LPs of White Skull I can frankly say that this is not their best shot. Having released so many good albums in the past, I will be considering this as just a bad attempt. For the band’s loyal fans, maybe it’s not considered THAT bad, but if someone asks me “hey, have you heard anything good in power metal lately?”, I will most definitely not say “Will Of The Strong” by White Skull.