Genre: Heavy metal
Country: Greece
Label: Lovestate Records
Year: 2020

Formed in Thessaloniki in 2020, White Tower released their debut EP-Terminator. Speakers are on and “Pounding Heavy Metal” explodes the whole fucking block. Guitars are on fire in an 80’s NWOFBHM delirium. Νikos Page/ Nick Vekis duel blows up our brains with their ruthless galloping heavy riffs. Once vocals pop out, wait… did I mix up an UDO era Accept album on the playlist…? Nope, it’s White Tower’s vocalist, Gago Karapetian, crystal clear band’s trademark. “Schizophrenic Attack” strikes us on a razor’s edge. Steady artillery of the band are maniacs, John Maleas (basslines) and Theo Trohidis (drums), preparing us for a killing tonight. Darker in a way, but in the same heavy axed basis the homonym track of the EP – Terminator, stands out. Getting a bit of Exciters’ sound on this one, guitar sliding crossed over with vocal lines cut a wide swath for sure. Last but not least, closing track, “Wrecking Machine”, is full of passion and energy, making us anticipate for White Tower’s full length album.

With obvious Accept/Priest –early era- influences and an upfront “bring back 80s heavy metal” attitude, it wasn’t out of the blue that band’s debut EP, was voted as one of the top releases worldwide for 2020 in Traditional Heavy Metal sound from Rock Da Vinci – Music Webzine, Manners Of Hate and Old School Underground Metal for the 80s revival. Extra hint: “Schizophrenic Attack’s” video clip, a revival of the true heavy metal spirit. Hail to fire, steel and leather dominance! The production is punchy without sounding too sterile. The overall sound is filled with old-school vibes. Considering the fact that we‘re talking about an EP, by definition we cannot stand to the repeated sound line of all three songs. Innovation and diversity should not be judged after all until the upcoming album is out. Greece’s metal scene is always longing for old-school heavy metal sound, but yet again suffers by the lack of bands’ continuity and evolution. I guess time will tell, very promising start overall.