Genre: Heavy Metal, Glam
Country: Greece
Year: 2021

Wildfire is a newly introduced band from Athens, who launched themselves into the audiences a few months ago, with their debut, self-titled EP.

Within a few minutes and four extraordinarily compositions, Wilfire bring back the “hard and heavy” hype of the late 80’s, which nearly reached the early 90’s as well. The EP kicks off with the “hit” “Night with a Witch”, which is closely influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy metal, while “Heart Offender” follows the same pattern, however this time with a more glam essence, even though maintans the “hard and heavy” part of the record. Third track off the EP, “Promised Land” which makes the vibes a little bit darker, until the length of the record reached it’s climax, with the outro “Wildfire”, which lets the band invade with a more speed metal attitude, in order for that EP to close up in a powerful and promising manner.

Excellent, easy listening and first and foremost, pleasant for all fans of the genre.